Kelsey + James, vancouver wedding photographer
July 28, 2014
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For a destination wedding photographer, Vancouver is almost overwhelming. Cool beyond words, and ridiculously beautiful! Not to mention so close to unspoiled nature... It's no wonder so many people bend over backwards to live there. Among them, are Kelsey and James. Two insanely hardworking 'go getters' that certainly don't take for granted the place they call home. I was fortunate enough to visit Vancouver a few weeks ago, to document an incredible chapter of their even more incredible story. The gist of which, I wrote about when I posted their engagement shoot a while back. But this post is less about how they met... and more about where they are now.

Of Kelsey, all I can say is this... You know how people use the words bright or warm to describe a person... And they say things like "She fills the room with light" or "She has this incredible glow about her". Well, anyone who's ever used similar phrases to describe someone, is basically just describing Kelsey. I mean it... She will melt you with one hug! And she will hug you! And when she does, you'll be overcome with positive vibes.

James is a creative soul. He makes beautiful things out of leather, and sometimes other materials... personalized things... things that last. Originality and sentiment are important notions to James. Not just in his designs, but in his philosophies. He is able to visualize and execute the things he dreams up far better than anyone I've come across. I know this about him, because we grew up together. Others who know him will also speak of his talent, heart and relentless quest for perfection. 

I think if James had to design and manufacture the best day of his life, it might go like this...

Friends and family from near and far, and further, gathered. In a shallow green nook invisible to the city they waited. Nearby there was water, and woods and a cottage. Under some trees, words induced tears, and promises were softly spoken, yet not lightly made. As sunlight pierced leaves and lips sealed fates, harmonious joy overcame all, but none more than two, and those two became one. Later, as mountains swallowed the light, the cottage was filled, as were hearts and bellies alike. The two who were one, went to the water to reflect. With eyes closed, they clung to a moment and to one another. A brief indescribable stillness fell. Past and future merged, and disappeared. 


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Stephanie and Paul, boca raton engagement photography
July 07, 2014
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Florida wedding photographers often get asked to do beach engagement shoots... and I'll be honest, Florida beaches are not my favorite shoot locations. However, the most important thing to me is capturing who the couple really is... their shared interests, their combined personalities, their love. And if it just so happens that the beach is the best place to tell this story, then so be it! On this particular occasion, no other location could have been more perfect! 

Steph had warned me prior to the shoot that there would probably be a need to include some wine at some point to lighten the mood, haha. What a great idea! In the end, the shoot evolved so organically that wine or no wine, the natural chemistry between Steph and Paul was pure magic, and I was merely there to document them at this most special time in their lives! Congrats to Steph and Paul on their engagement, and I can't wait for their wedding at the Ancient Spanish Monastery.


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